When beginning the process of searching for a treatment program, it can be hard to know what to look for in a detox center. You may want to ask yourself what kinds of things are most important to you. Will you want a treatment plan that is individualized to your specific needs and strengths? Could you use help reconnecting with your family after years of struggling with addiction? Are you finding it hard to reintegrate into the community after years of self-isolating? Athens Area Commencement Center (AACC) is the first community treatment center in Athens, Georgia, as well as the longest-standing one. The detox center at AACC offers these very important elements and more: individualized care, family sessions, and the opportunity to create a community for yourself.

Our Detox Center and Individualized Care

The work we do to recover from addiction is some of the hardest work we’ll ever do in our lives. Entering a detox center is one of the best things we’ll ever do for ourselves. We want our treatment plans to be specific to our needs and not a cookie-cutter formula that wasn’t designed for us. Each of us has a unique life story and a unique addiction story. We all have our own distinct needs and challenges that have impacted our struggles with addiction thus far. 

Our Detox Center’s Individualized Treatment Plans

Similarly, we all possess strengths and have accrued important life lessons that will inform our recovery work moving forward. Everything that makes us who we are, everything that makes us special can help us in our efforts to heal. At Athens Area Commencement Center, every treatment plan is highly individualized to the client. We get to know you, and we tailor your plan specifically to you. Addiction treatment, and healthcare in general, is becoming more client-specific because of the effectiveness of individualized treatment.

Our Detox Center and the Importance of Family Reconnection

Many of us have been struggling with addiction for many years and, as a result, have been isolating ourselves from loved ones. We might have become estranged from family members because of our toxic, addictive patterns. Our families might have lost hope in our ability to stay sober. At Athens Area Commencement Center, we know how important it is to have the support of family as you’re trying to recover. We know how heavy the burden of fractured relationships can be. We’ve also seen the amazing ways in which families reconnect when they have the opportunity for reconciliation. People often feel a profound sense of relief from reconnecting with the family members they love.

Family Healing as Part of Recovery

Group family sessions are an integral component of our treatment programs. We know firsthand that an important part of recovery is the work we do to heal our relationships. Every relationship that gets mended helps us in our recovery. The emotional pain that is lifted becomes one less burden weighing us down in our efforts to get well. Feeling supported by our families once again is heartwarming and encouraging. We often find that it is this very support that helps us to stay sober long-term. 

At Athens Area Commencement Center, you have the opportunity to have sessions with family members, friends, and/or sponsors, anyone who is part of your support system. We will help you to address your substance use and all of the familial factors that might be contributing to, enabling, or perpetuating your addiction. Everything you learn about yourself, your addiction, and your relationships will serve you well in your recovery.

Our Detox Center and Community

AACC is a community-based detox center with strong ties to the Athens community for over 30 years. We believe in the power of community to support and uplift us. Many of us in recovery have become separated from our communities. We’re facing cultural stigmas that tell us we’re a “bad person,” when in truth, we’re struggling with a debilitating disease. Very often, we’re living with intense guilt and shame for the mistakes we’ve made related to our addictions. We may feel as though our community has turned its back on us. 

Detox Centers and Finding Community

In recovery, however, we begin to create a new community for ourselves. This community often becomes our lifelong support system. We lose so much when struggling with addiction. We’ve lost close friends and family members. We might have lost our jobs, our networks, and our communities. Perhaps most importantly, many of us have lost our hope. Community, thankfully, can help us to reclaim our hope and finally start to feel empowered again. 

We can find hope and inspiration in the strength of the people around us. Our life experiences become powerful lessons we can all learn from. The stories we share of our personal successes and our challenges can be of benefit to everyone in the community. Our recovery work invites us to create a new community for ourselves and to embrace that community as one of the saving graces in our healing journey.

Making the decision to enter an addiction recovery treatment program might be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, and finding the right detox center for you can make all the difference. At Athens Area Commencement Center, we believe in the importance of reconnecting with family and rebuilding fractured relationships. We know how helpful it is to have a supportive community encouraging you and helping you along as you do the work to recover. We offer highly individualized treatment plans tailored specifically to you that integrate family sessions and that help you to rebuild a sense of community. Call us at (706) 546-7355 for more information on our treatment programs. 

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