The Commencement Center is very proud to healthcare and education services to The University of Georgia Department of Athletics. We have the privilege to work with some of the best collegiate athletes and administrators in the country and provide them with education and prevention surrounding the substance abuse and high risk populations. College is a vulnerable time for anyone, and the pressure may be even heavier balancing a full school and sport schedule. This is why we at AACC are firm believers in providing our athletes with the information and education to make them as successful as they possibly can be. Below are some statistics about the college athlete and are why we feel this type of work is so important:

College Athletes and Substance Abuse

AACC believes that it is so important be a part of abstinence-based education to college students and athletes. This is a vulnerable population and prevention education is the first line of defense against substance-related consequences. Let’s all empower our teams and students to succeed!

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