Continuing Education in Treatment

Most people have a basic understanding of what questions to ask when choosing a treatment center, but one that is often overlooked is, “What type of continuing education in treatment does your staff receive?”. Most licensing boards require some amount of continuing ed to maintain their credentialing, like nursing, social work, counseling, etc. The importance…
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Amino Acids and Addiction

Most substance dependent people don’t have the best nutritional habits. By the time patients make it to us their lifestyles usually haven’t supported the best holistic components. Part of our educational process not only focuses on the mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, but also the physical. While this is composed of exercise, healthy food choices,…
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Collegiate Athletes and Substance Abuse

The Commencement Center is very proud to healthcare and education services to┬áThe University of Georgia Department of Athletics. We have the privilege to work with some of the best collegiate athletes and administrators in the country and provide them with education and prevention surrounding the substance abuse and high risk populations.┬áCollege is a vulnerable time…
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AACC and Medication Assisted Treatment

With the rise in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) acceptance across the country, the staff at AACC are seeing more and more clients seeking help coming off of prescribed opiates, such as Suboxone and Methadone, that they were put on by physicians utilizing this model. Recovery and abstinence based treatment are not advocated as strongly, nor…
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AACC open tomorrow as normal

Happy Valentine’s Day all! Looks like the weather isn’t going to affect treatment tomorrow so day and evening treatment will resume at normal hours. Use caution when driving, especially over bridges and less traveled roads. Call the office or on call phone with any problems!